Here are 27 of my most valuable learnings that have given meaning to my life:


1. Make friends slowly…and then never let them go.


2. Meditate every day; sometimes even your mind needs a break from you.


3. Play hard even if it means scraping your knees, how else will the world know that you’ve had a hell of a time?


4. Be open to making mistakes and learn to take criticism constructively. The more you let the ego win, the slower your path to success will be.


5. Let yourself dream and the magic of sleepless nights will unveil itself.


6. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all; most of the worries of the world are simply the consequences of ill-spoken words.


7. Accept yourself the way you are – the perfect you and the not-so-perfect you can co-exist in perfect harmony.


8. Don’t overlook the flawless today in the hopes for a perfect tomorrow.


9. Magic exists within each of us, all it needs, is to be acknowledged and believed in to come to life.


10. Accept your mistakes and say “I’m sorry” – for all you know, some might wait a lifetime just to have you back.


11. The only way to fight evil is to wrap it with love, just like only water can tame a blazing fire.


12. Learn to live in the moment, it’s all you’ve got and all you’ll ever have.


13. The process of finding and living your passion can be frustrating, tempting you to give up – but remember, sometimes it is about having the satisfaction that you tried your best rather than the regret of not giving it just one more chance.


14. Dare yourself. The comfort zone may be comfortable but it is also very restrictive.

敢于冒险,安乐之处或许轻松但限制重重( 人生感悟)。

15. Let go of your ego, it only poisons your heart.


16. Count your blessings; gratitude helps keep your feet on the ground as the mind dreams of conquering the sky.


17. Believe in yourself and take the leap of faith; it’s never too late to start being who you’ve always wanted to be.


18. Love needs to be set free like the passing wind. The more you try to hold on to it, the faster it will escape you. Stop seeking it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that it’s always been around and always will be.


19. Take care of yourself; it’s the most valuable present you can give your loved ones.


20. Don’t avoid the garden sprinklers, they won’t blemish your dress but add a sparkle to it instead.


21. I love you – when was the last time you said it?


22. Listen, respect and be considerate of the elderly – their unconditional love and intricate life experiences are where the treasures of the world are hidden.


23. Laugh more often; let your vibrant smile tell your fabulous story.


24. Write everyday – it’s the most effective way to get clarity on your thoughts and overcome your inner critique.


25. Curiosity is the youthfulness of the mind, never get complacent and you will be young forever.


26. Life is not a race and its the journey that matters – irrespective of how far you’ve gone on the wrong path, quit, and start over.


27. Don’t let society bully you away from your hearts calling. Believe in yourself, follow your instincts and create the path you wish to travel.


·活着就是折腾 不折腾(09-27)
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